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Mentalization Based Therapy Specialist

Julie Hall, MD

Psychiatrist located in Los Angeles, CA

Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be managed through mentalization-based therapy (MBT). Psychiatrist Dr. Julie M. Hall can treat your disorder in her Los Angeles private practice. She is accepting new patients who need to be treated with mentalization-based therapy, and can provide the care you need to manage your diagnosis.

Mentalization Based Therapy Q & A

What is mentalizing and mentalization-based therapy (MBT)?

Mentalizing is a process by which your mind orchestrates and makes sense of other human interactions and emotions. People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) tend to have unstable relationships, and may unknowingly manipulate or exploit those around them. In addition, a person with this disorder has difficulty empathizing with others, so may not realize when their behavior affects someone else.

If you have BPD, Dr. Hall will teach you about mentalization to help you understand other people and learn to react appropriately to the behaviors they exhibit. She’ll work with you on empathizing, so you can start seeing yourself in another person’s shoes.

The process of MBT begins to activate your attachment system, so you can start building long-standing healthy relationships with others. This is done in a safe environment under the close watch of Dr. Hall.

Is borderline personality disorder fully treatable?

Just like public speaking or socializing, mentalization is an ongoing skill that you’ll need to work on. Your therapy sessions with Dr. Hall will delve into skillsets that you can practice with her, as well as with the people you care about. Over time, your issues with BPD can start to dissipate, allowing you to have normal relationships. But it’s likely that you’ll want to continue visiting with Dr. Hall after your mentalization-based therapy sessions are complete, just for an occasional routine checkup.

How many sessions will I need?

The length of your treatment depends on your symptoms. You may need to be seen weekly for several months, or a couple times a month over 1-2 years. Mentalization-based therapy is a slow process, so you shouldn’t expect results overnight. You also need to give your mind a break. Just like with learning a musical instrument, practicing your MBT for 16 hours a day isn’t realistic or healthy.

Dr. Hall will schedule enough time between sessions to give you time to practice your new skillsets and to have mental health breaks. She can give you a realistic timeframe and tell you what to expect as you go through your therapy.